8 Spring Flowers for a Happy Easter

Easter represents the resurrection of Jesus Christ, after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ he was reborn after 3 days.

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For Easter this season choose Happy, choose flowers. Spring seasons call for freshness and new beginnings. Easter represents the resurrection of Jesus Christ, after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ he was reborn after 3 days. Crucifixion of Jesus Christ is said to be a symbol of humility and giving up life for the love of the people.

Easter is celebrated in many ways across the globe, what is common? Flower decorations and flower arrangements. Be it Church altar, or dinner table flowers make a star appearance during Easter. Here is our list of Top 8 flowers for your Easter flower arrangement.

Number 8

Azalea- Just as the spring comes in, you would find these flowers blooming around you. Maybe on the sidewalk or local gardens. This tiny pink bushy flowering plant makes a great pick when clubbed together. You can also use this as a filler for your Easter flower bouquet. Now what do these pink blooms stand for, Azalea signifies love, temperance and moderation.

Number 7

Ranunculus- This flower has a unique shape, it has petals enclosed together in an overlapping disc like manner. These flowers come in an orange-yellow color. But are also found in pinks and whites. These flowers are round and uncommon hence make a great pick for the festive season. A pink ranunculus stands for love and sympathy. A white one signifies innocence, grace and elegance. An orange one would mean happiness and joy.

Number 6

Hyacinth- Wow! Would be the word you would say when you look at a bunch of these elegant flowers. Hyacinth are short, with busy petals and come in subtle colors of blue, white, pink and purple. These are a great option as a filler and also work great as an easter flower bouquet. Just grab a few colorful hyacinths and bind them together. Hyacinths signify forgiveness, prayers and recreation.

Number 5

Gardenia- Another mysteriously shaped yet utterly beautiful flower. A bunch of white Gardenias along with some greens makes a chic flower arrangement. Gardenia signifies Purity and peace. For Easter flower delivery in Green Bay book your flowers at Bee enchanted florist.

Number 4

Iris- Known for their variety in colors and connection to the last days of Christ. Iris is also mentioned in the Bible and is known to be called ‘God’s promise to His people’. Iris come in a variety of colors, you can pick these flowers as a decoration piece for your easter celebration.

Number 3

Daffodils- When the cold passes away these yellow blooms are one of the first to emerge in the springtime. Closely regarded as a symbol of rebirth, it is believed to be a symbol of coming back to life and new beginnings.

Number 2

Tulip- With buds that look like an Easter Egg itself, these flowers are modern, romantic and perfect for the spring. If you are looking for a non-traditional flower arrangement this is the one to go for. These flowers signify protection, luck, new beginnings and prosperity. You can find these flowers in our Green Bay Flower Shop.

Number 1

Easter Lilly- This flower with its wide petals, tall and big always makes a head turning appraise. Combined together with other flowers or by itself Lilies have been associated with Easter since a long time. It is believed that these are the flowers that grew where the blood of Jesus Christ had fallen at the time of Crucifiction. A pink or white bunch of lilies would make a traditional bunch this easter.

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