6 Most Eye-catching Lavender Fields in Wisconsin

Ranging from the spectacle of indigenous flora to the shocking color palette, lavender fields present a distinct and unique view that people keep going back to.

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Wisconsin can be thought of as pastures that are dairy and green valleys, although in this variety of hills among the green are lavender fields that sparkle with a sense of calmness and charm. Ranging from the spectacle of indigenous flora to the shocking color palette, lavender fields present a distinct and unique view that people keep going back to. If you are looking to do something totally different such as being gathered around a field of beautiful lavender, the following are six of the most mind-blowing lavenders that might look so stunning and they are in Wisconsin.

White Oak Lavender Farm - Deerfield:

Hidden among the trees in the community of Deerfield, White Oak Lavender Farm is a lovely enclave that invites everyone to its landscapes with white lavender fields also the state flower of Wisconsin, and a magic aroma for a quiet visit. Walk in irresistible lavender seeds, smell the unique fragrance in the air, and enjoy the spectacular landscapes, which are visible from a far away end. Don’t forget to go to the gift shop located right on the farm because it is a perfect place for buying lavender spa products along with lavender bouquet arrangements as a nice present for yourself or friends.

Mad Lavender Farm - Belleville:

Right on the side streets of Belleville lies a farm that serves as a sanctuary for all those seeking peacefulness and nature at Mad Lavender Farm. Explore the hilly ground covered with the purple-blue scenario of lavender in full bloom, enjoy spellbinding views of the countryside from the scenic points of the farm, and just generally immerse yourself in the calmness that overcomes the whole farm. Don't forget to look through the calendar of your vineyard for additional events organized there, for example: yoga and organic lavender harvest festivals - it is guaranteed to be the most memorable time.

Lavender Farm

Marigold Ridge Lavender Farm - Baraboo:

For those who are looking for something more romantic, then Baraboo’s Marigold Ridge Lavender is perfectly situated in the beautiful small town of Baraboo. It is a unique place to visit and delights visitors with its picturesqueness and gaudily lavender fields. Photo yourself at the farm's green grounds, scroll through the paths of lavender which you can also get with Flower Delivery In Green Bay Wisconsin, and enjoy the blissful scent of the shining space. While visiting the farm, never miss the boutique to purchase lavender petals, handmade products, and memorabilia.

Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm - Washington Island:

The lavender farm that is known as Fragrant Isle which is located on Washington Island is the largest one of its kind in the Midwest and one not to be missed by lavender enthusiasts. Wander through the lavender fields, which take thousands of acres, behold the amazing beauty of Lake Michigan, and have a session of spa experiences at the farm. Make sure you check out the farm's shop where you can buy, among so many other items, a wide selection of lavender products available with lavender flower delivery and gifts to take back home with you. You can also visit your nearby Green Bay florists and grab your lavender arrangement.

Triskele Rivers Lavender Farm - Coleman:

Located in the heart of the village of Coleman, Triskele Rivers Lavender Farm. Hidden in the heart of Coleman, you will find yourself in Triskele Rivers' fascinating world of lavender. I am confident this secluded and quiet place will catch your attention from the rest of the urban environment out there. Enter the lavish flowering country of the farm, contemplate the picturesque views of the surrounding fields, and finally chill in the peace of the surrounding nature. Make sure then to check out the farm's amiable gift shop – there you will be able to find many lavender gift products and handmade crafts.

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Hidden Driftless Lavender Farm - Soldiers Grove:

Sitting in the picturesque Driftless Region, concealed yet accessible, Hidden Driftless Lavender Farm creates a peaceful and radiant atmosphere that embraces nature and calms visitors while offering adventures and shopping for everyone to enjoy. Discover lovely lavender gardens and personally enjoy the gorgeous view of the hills and the absolute natural silence that will refresh you mentally. The on-site boutique is also a must-visit spot; there, customers can buy lavender items, crafts, and souvenirs from the farm to celebrate the visit or you can also order from Flower Shops in Green Bay.

With its scenic beauty and pleasant smells, inside a serene atmosphere, Wisconsin's lavender is a fantastic tourist destination that opens a window through which you can see an array of beauty and tranquility. Whether you choose to gallivant through the fields of lavender blossoms or just would love to stay and bask in the serene bliss, these six flowers that will leave you speechless and awed will not disappoint. In case you cannot make it to these beautiful farms you can check out Bee Enchanted florist for a wide range of flowers. Judge the time according to you and soak in the utter beauty of Wisconsin's lavender countryside for an experience that you can cherish forever.

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