10 Best Purple Flowering Plants For a Stunning Garden

Certainly everything all at once. To bring back some color to your garden go for colorful flowers and purple is an excellent choice.

Purple was the color of royalty, wealth and luxury. Purple color was extremely hard to extract, and took months of hard work. It wasn't readily available around in nature that could be a good enough source of a rich, deep purple dye. Purple with its stunning hues seems like a vibration of colors, its dark, yet bright and deep. Certainly everything all at once. To bring back some color to your garden go for colorful flowers and purple is an excellent choice. Here is a list of stunning purple flowers that would make your garden happier-

Lavender- Ofcourse this is the first flower that comes to our mind when we think of purple color, these tall, shrub-like flowers. Grow easily with any garden and bring calming vibes. Another flower similar to lavender is lilac. You can go for lilac if you like lighter pastel purple for your garden aesthetic.

Allium-This flower looks like it came straight from a fairy-tale, it looks pretty much like an ethereal flower that contains the elixir. Even though this is not true for our world, Allium flowers are round with tiny flowers all around.

Iris- A flower that blooms throughout spring and summer, these tiny flowers come in a variety of colors. A symbol of royalty and wisdom. Iris is easy to grow and maintain. Iris grows a single bud on a tall stem. Some species can also have short height. With the variety of shape and color, you can pick the perfect one that goes well with your garden space.

Gladiolus- Another tall flower, that grows trumpet like blooms around. Gladiolus is a symbol of loyalty, remembrance and integrity. With an all green garden you can go with white gladiolus, this will create a serene experience to look at. Send these flowers across with Green Bay Wi

Coneflower- A sweet member of the daisy family that grows amazingly well in the US. With a pointy center and petals. This flower is easy to take care of and does not need much watering, just water it every day and let the solid dry out every now and then.

Lupine- Looks like a wave of purple sea, lupines are yet again tall and bear wide flowers. It does look like a pine, but of course purple. These generally grow around fall, so you would have to sow accordingly.

Morning Glory- A delicate flower native to Central North America, you must have seen this one around you. Shaped like a trumpet, these flowers are sure easy to grow. These flowers are best grown from seeds from early summer to end of fall.

Purple Pansy- These ombre colored flowers usually have a dark center, with lighter tones towards the outside with a hint of yellow. Indeed you will find the best color combinations in nature, pansy grows best in cooler temperatures.

Dianthus- This flower grows in clusters of deep pink and purple, with a pop of white in the middle. This flower represents affection, thankfulness and admiration.

Crocus- Growing close to the ground this is a spring bloomer. This flower represents joy and devotion.

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