What are Green Bay's Most Popular Christmas Flowers?

Christmas decoration is always very close to our hearts. It brings the entire family together, and the brightness and festiveness in the Christmas decoration make the celebration even more special.

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The Christmas blooms, in addition, play an important role in the house decoration. The smell of these flowers eventually makes us feel that Christmas has arrived and the year is about to end.

Many flowers are specifically known for Christmas. These have been traditionally used for this purpose since time immemorial. But with time, it seems like many of the Christmas varieties are becoming extinct.

But you don’t have to worry! Bee Enchanted Florist Green Bay can meet all your Christmas requirements too at cheap prices. We have a wide range of floral arrangements for Christmas as well as for every other occasion.

In this article, we will be discussing the popular flowers you can buy from Bee Enchanted Florist Green Bay Wi for Christmas.

Most Popular Christmas Flowers

#1 Amaryllis

These dark red tropical flowers from Central America are perfect for a wintery Christmas celebration. Their bell shape structure makes it even more eye-catchy and is appropriate for Christmas decorations. If you trace the meaning of this flower from the traditional language of flowers, it symbolizes strength, success, determination, and confidence.

#2 Poinsettia

Poinsettia is one of the authentic flowers of Christmas. It is a popular houseplant with a unique red and green combination. The flower petals look like flowers and are generally red. However, there are other varieties like white and pink. This flower also has a beautiful history associated with baby Jesus Christ. This is the reason why many Christians prefer Poinsettia for flower decoration at Christmas.

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#3 Azalea

Azalea belonging to the Rhododendron family is another beautiful white houseplant for Christmas. It is preferred mostly because of its longevity. It can easily last for a week if kept away from heat sources. But make sure to buy fresh Azalea only. In our Green Bay Flower store, we only deliver fresh flowers within the shortest time possible.

#4 Cymbidium Orchids

Cymbidium Orchids are originally found in the forests of the himalayas. Its clean white color gives a snowy look in the winters of Christmas, making it a perfect match for the eve.

Due to its growth in a wintery climate, it is perfect for December celebrations. If you cut the stem of Cymbidium Orchids, it can last up to four weeks. Moreover, if you wish to avail of our Christmas flower delivery in Green Bay Wi, we can assure you to send only fresh flowers to your doorsteps.

#5 Red Roses

Red Roses does not need even an explanation on why it is important for Christmas. Being a versatile flower, it perfectly fits with all other red and white Christmas flowers for floral decorations. Red Roses can be the centre of attraction if put on a center table or at the door entrance.

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Even though you can add any flowers you like to your Christmas decoration, specific red flowers in Christmas add a special beauty to your house. The flowers mentioned above are evergreen and used for ages for Christmas decoration, house parties, club parties, and even workplaces.

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