How to choose the perfect bridal bouquet for wedding party?

Thanks to the most popular Green Bay florist, Bee Enchanted Florist who can make this task really easy for you with their consultation and guidance!

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Planning for flowers in a wedding is a complex and time-consuming task. After all, there are so many things to choose! Thanks to the most popular Green Bay florist, Bee Enchanted Florist who can make this task really easy for you with their consultation and guidance!

If you’re confused about what kind of bouquet to go with on your wedding day, here are some suggestions.

Round bouquet:

    A round bouquet is the most common and easily recognized bridal bouquet out there. As the name suggests, it’s round in shape which gives it an elegant and graceful appearance. Generally, a single type and color of flower is used for a round bouquet. Suitable foliage and greeneries are included most of the time. If you’re a fan of classic styles in weddings, then a round bouquet is the one for you. for flower delivery in Green Bay WI, log on to Bee Enchanted Florist today!

    Posy bouquet:

      A posy bouquet is similar in shape to that of a round bouquet. However, there are some distinctions between the two. For example, unlike a round bouquet, a posy bouquet is smaller in size and easier for the bride to carry. While a round bouquet is generally monochromatic, and decorated with greeneries and other stuff, a posy bouquet is more colorful and includes different flower colors. Greeneries are not typically used in a posy bouquet, instead, ribbons or bows might be added sometimes to enhance its beauty.

      Cascade bouquet:

        If you’re a fan of all the drama and over-the-top fancy weddings, then a cascade bouquet will be the perfect choice for you. this bouquet resembles a cascade or waterfall and has a very pretty structure. When you’re carrying this bouquet, it looks like there’s a shower of flowers flowing from your hands. The head of the bouquet is made with flowers, while the flowy part is generally made with suitable foliage.

        Hand-tied bouquet:

          A hand-tied bouquet, although looks super impromptu, can be a beautiful choice for you if you like unique and one of a kind looks. The main feature of a hand-tied bouquet is that no foam or wire is used for holding up its shape. Rather, it looks like a beautiful collection of seemingly random flowers and greeneries, replete with rustic beauty.

          Nosegay bouquet:

            A nosegay bouquet is an interesting choice for bridal flower bouquet in Green Bay. It’s somewhat opposite to the posy bouquet. While only flowers are used in a posy bouquet and no foliage is included, in case of a nosegay bouquet, more emphasis is boasted on greeneries and foliage, and very little flower is used. If you’re having a special theme in your wedding, then choosing a suitable nosegay bouquet will be a style statement for you.

            Composite bouquet:

              Another very pretty and unique bridal bouquet of choice is the composite bouquet. It’s actually made with only flower petals, and given a shape that resembles a large flower. Flowers with big and colorful petals like rose, peony, or ranunculus are used for creating composite bouquets. You can choose this bouquet for bridesmaids too.

              So, which ones of these amazing bridal bouquets are you considering as your wedding flower in Green Bay? Let us know!

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